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Yoga Chudamani Upanishad: Crown Jewel of Yoga

Price : $13.75
ISBN # : 9788186336274
Author : Satyadharma Saraswati
pages: 330
Edition : Paperback
Volumes : 1
Publisher : Bihar School of Yoga
Published : 2003

Yoga Chudamani Upanishad is a manual of higher sadhana for advanced and initiated aspirants. It delineates the ancient path of kundalini awakening in its original and pure form before the proliferation of modern yogic literature. The text elucidates a unique combination of kundalini yoga and vedantic upasana. It discusses the nadis, prana vayus, chakras and kundalini shakti, and also provides detailed descriptions of ajapa gayatri and pranava, which are older vedic and upanishadic meditative disciplines. The text includes the original Sanskrit verses, along with transliteration, anvay, translation and a comprehensive commentary by Swami Satyadharma Saraswati under the guidance of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. For students of Indian philosophy, it provides a valuable study of the compatibility of Yoga and Vedanta, or the tantric and vedic systems of philosophy and practice.

Shanti mantra
1. Purpose of the Upanishad
2. Six limbs of yoga
3, 4a. Psychic physiology
4b, 5, 6a. Knowledge of the chakras
6b, 7,8, Description of Mooladhara
9, 10. Description of Manipura
11, 12. Description of Swadhisthana
13, 14a. Agni Mandala
14b, 15. Origin of the nadis
16, 17. Ten major nadis
18, 19, 20. Location of the major nadis
21, 22a. Ida, pingala and Sushumna
22b, 23a. Prana vayus
23b, 24. Location of the Pancha vayus
25, 26. Function of the Upa-Pranas
27. Jiva and prana
28. Jiva and ida/pingala
29. Jiva and guna
30, 31a. Knower of yoga
31b, 32, 33. Ajapa gayatri
34, 35. Knowledge of ajapa gayatri
36. Kundalini shakti
37. Pathway of kundalini
38. Method of awakening
39. Rising of kundalini
40. Jalandhara bandha
41. Instructions for the Practitioner
42. Three yogic Disciplines
43. Dietary regulations
44. Bondage and Liberation
45. Kundalini yoga Practices
46. Practice of moola bandha
47. Benefits of moola bandha
48, 49. Uddiyana bandha
50, 51. Significance of Jalandhara bandha
52. Practice of khechari mudra
53, 54, 55. Benefits of khechari mudra
56. Bindu
57, 58. Retention of bindu
59. Raising bindu by yoni mudra
60. White and red bindu
61. Merger of the two bindus
62. Brahma and shakti
63. Divine body
64. Attainment of yoga
65. Maha mudra
66, 67. Maha mudra method
68. Maha mudra and digestive fire
69. Maha mudra removes disease
70. Maha mudra bestows great powers
71. Padmasana
72. Dimensions of consciousness
73. Pranava
74. Aum matras
75, 76a. Attributes of the aum matras
76b, 77. Creation and dissolution
78. Illumination
79. Anahad nada
80. Pranava and nada yoga
81. Qualities of the 'A' matra
82, 83. Hamsa
84. Jiva and atma
85. Lokas and deities of aum
86. Powers of aum
87. Aum gayatri
88. Benefit of the Pranava
89. Control of Prana
90. Retention of Prana
91. Fear of death
92. Pranayama and Longevity
93. Preparation for Pranayama
94. Purification of nadis and chakras
95. Chandra bheda Pranayama
96. Moon at bindu
97. Surya bheda Pranayama
98. Nadi Shodhana Pranayama
99. Mastery of nadi Shodhana
100. Method of retention
101, 102. Omkara Pranayama
103. Ratio of the breath
104. Levels of Pranayama
105. Effects of Pranayama
106. Guidelines for Pranayama
107. Naumukhi and Shaktichalini
108. Pranayama and karma
109. Asana, Pranayama and Pratyahara
110. Dharana and Samadhi
111, 112. Progression of yoga
113. Culmination of yoga
114. Union of prana and Apana
115. Nada yoga
116. Pranayama prevents disease
117. Diseases managed by Pranayama
118. Pranic control
119. Perfection in Pranayama
120. Pratyahara
121. Mental Purification

This book was added to South Asia bookstore on Tuesday 28 February, 2012.

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