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ISBN#: 887254743828
Bhajan: Masterpieces
ISBN#: 8902633200715
ISBN#: 8902894686921
History of Indian Nation (set of 4 volumes)
ISBN#: 9788178441283
Handcrafted Indian Textiles: Tradition And Beyond
ISBN#: 9788174360847
ISBN#: 8902894696722
City of Joy
ISBN#: 9788176210522
A Day with Lord Hanuman
ISBN#: 5099909608627
Gandhi and Ambedkar: Saviours of Untouchables of
ISBN#: 9788172761998
Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan's Lawless Frontier
ISBN#: 978067022250
Jashn-e-Khusrau 2013
ISBN#: 9788189995874
A Day with the Gayatri Mantra
ISBN#: 5099909608726
English Vinglish
ISBN#: 8902894350693
Introductory Hindi Course
ISBN#: 818983519X
Dangerous Ishhq
ISBN#: 8902894699112
Dil Tainu Karda Ae Pyar
ISBN#: 887254822721
Ishka in Paris
ISBN#: 8902894350846
Chaar Din Ki Chandni
ISBN#: 8901112256816
1920 Evil Returns
ISBN#: 8902894351256
Applied Case Studies in Marketing (With CD)
ISBN#: 9789380607115
Ek Main Aur EkK Tu
ISBN#: 8902894698320
Ghazal Masterpieces
ISBN#: 1234567890008
Don 2
ISBN#: 8902894697989
Counsel for Crisis Times
ISBN#: 9788184651911
Christian Ethics and the Crisis of Gender Violence: Kristeva's Reading of Religion, Culture and the Human Psyche
ISBN#: 9788192512129
Maoism, Democracy and Globalisation: Cross-currents in Indian Politics
ISBN#: 9788132118473
Creating a Nationality: The Ramjanmabhumi Movement and Fear of the Self.
ISBN#: 0195642716
Everything You Desire: A Journey Through IIM
ISBN#: 9788188575985
More than Maoism: Politics, Policies and Insurgencies in South Asia
ISBN#: 9788173049330
Five Lectures in Marxist Mode
ISBN#: 812020395X
Christian Cosmology: A Manual of Philosophy and Theology
ISBN#: 9789351480150
1000 Difficult Bible Questions and Answers Vol 2: 1-445 Questions Answered
ISBN#: 9789351480235
Chronicle of the Peacocks: Stories of Partition, Exile and Lost Memories. Rep. PA
ISBN#: 0195671740
Colonial And Post-Colonial Geographies Of India
ISBN#: 9780761934363
Clear Star: CF Andrews and India 1904-1914.
ISBN#: 8180280233.
Cultural Diversity and Social Discontent: Anthropological studies on Contemporary India.
ISBN#: 0761992502
From Fire Rain to Rebellion
ISBN#: 9788173048791
Approaches to History: Essays in Indian Historiography
ISBN#: 9789380607863
Harvest Song: A Novel on the Tebhaga Movement
ISBN#: 9788185604503
Christian Worship: Revealing the Divine
ISBN#: 9789351480686
Chronicles of Time and Chance
ISBN#: 9789384082369
Cases and Materials on Family Law.
ISBN#: 9788175345751
History, Ideas and Society: S.C. Mishra Memorial Lectures in History
ISBN#: 9789380607368
Capital Accumulation and Women 's Labour in Asian Economies
ISBN#: 9789350022641
Internal Conflict In Nepal Transnational Consequences
ISBN#: 9789380177649
Christianity for Hindus
ISBN#: 9788124605400
Community, Media and Women
ISBN#: 9788191008548
Early Communist: Muzaffar Ahmad In Calcutta 1913-1929
ISBN#: 9788189487775
Christian Response to the Hindu Philosophical Systems by Nehemiah Nilakantha Sastri Goreh
ISBN#: 8186791493
Maoist Guerrilla: Seeing Red
ISBN#: 9789380014456
Bible History of the Old and New Testaments With a Compendium of Church History
ISBN#: 9788192512174
Christ the Guru: A Vedantic Key to the Gospels
ISBN#: 9788124607503
Contemporary Approach in Family and Community Studies
ISBN#: 9788183293877
Living Between Juniper and Palm: Nature, Culture, and Power in the Himalayas
ISBN#: 9780198078524
Rabindra Chitravali: Paintings of Rabindranath Tagore (4 volume box set)
ISBN#: 9788189323301
MAARGIR The Snake Charmer
ISBN#: 9789381576250
Economy of Colonial Orissa. 1866-1947.
ISBN#: 8121509718
A Brief Study of Paul and His Epistles
ISBN#: 9788184651249
Karl Marx on India: From the New York Daily Tribune (Including Articles by Frederick Engels) and Extracts from Marx-Engels Correspondence 1853-1862
ISBN#: 9789382381402
India's Spokesman Abroad: Letters, Articles, Speeches and Statements 1933-1937
ISBN#: 9788178243375
1000 Difficult Bible Questions Answered (2 Vol)
ISBN#: 9789351480211
Advaita Vedanta Re-explored Towards Ecological and Dalit Theology
ISBN#: 9789351480334
Let's Call Him Vasu: With the Maoists in Chhattisgarh
ISBN#: 9780143067573
A Christian Response to Human Cloning: Edenic Eve versus Clonaid Eve
ISBN#: 9789351480167
Communalism and Indian Princely States: Travancore, Baroda and Hyderabad in the 1930s
ISBN#: 817304421X
Being Blissful: As the Years Pass by Reflections on Ageing
ISBN#: 9788184652451
Insights and Interventions: Essays in Honour of Uma Chakravarti
ISBN#: 9789380607221
Communal Riots: The State and Law in India
ISBN#: 9788185220444
Marxism and Philosophy
ISBN#: 9789350020432
Christian Social Reformers
ISBN#: 9788183240086
Crumbling Edifice: Experiences and Thoughts of a Police Officer
ISBN#: 9788129101105
A Voyage to Modernism: Syed Ahmed Khan
ISBN#: 9789380607078
A Comparative Study of Religions
ISBN#: 9788120807433
China Russia India Relations in 21st Century
ISBN#: 9788174791559
Forget Kathmandu: An Elegy for Democracy
ISBN#: 9789382277002
Bias in Indian Historiography
ISBN#: 9789350500507
Boats on Land: A Collection of Short Stories
ISBN#: 9788184000740
Crosses, Christian and Otherwise: Their Form and Meaning
ISBN#: 9788124607374
Fading Dreams, Old Tales
ISBN#: 9780198083801
Marxism as Scientific Enterprise
ISBN#: 9789350022757
Bitter Fruit: The Very Best of Saadat Hasan Manto
ISBN#: 9780143102175
Communalism, Civil Society & the State: Reflections on a Decade of Turbulence
ISBN#: 8186219447
Approaches to History: Essays in Indian Historiography
ISBN#: 9789380607177
Guide to Indian Markets (Thoroughly Revised & Updated - Second Edition)
ISBN#: 9789381320044
Sub-Total: $3,578.00

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Deal of the Day

Guide to Indian Markets (Thoroughly Revised & Updated - Second Edition)
Author: MRUC & Hansa Research
Price: $449.75 $359.75
History of Indian Nation (set of 4 volumes)
Author: Muzzaffar H. Syed, Anil Kumar & B.D. Usmani
Price: $339.75 $271.75
Rabindra Chitravali: Paintings of Rabindranath Tagore (4 volume box set)
Author: Rabindra Chitravali
Price: $649.75 $519.75
Christian Themes in Indian Art from Mughal Times to the Present
Author: A. Amaldass and G. Lowner
Price: $139.75 $105.00
Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology (72 vols)
Author: G.P. Bhatt & J.L. Shastri
Price: $1,799.00 $1,439.00
Sacred Books of the East (50 Volumes)
Author: F. Max-Muller
Price: $899.00 $719.00
Gandhi and Ambedkar: Saviours of Untouchables of
Author: Sheshrao Chavan
Price: $28.00 $22.00
Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan's Lawless Frontier
Author: Imtiaz Gul
Price: $26.95 $14.75
Handcrafted Indian Textiles: Tradition And Beyond
Author: Martand Singh, Rta Kapur Chishti and Rahul Jain
Price: $89.75 $80.00
City of Joy
Author: Dominique Lapierre
Price: $15.00 $10.00
Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita: An Exposition 2 Vols
Author: Chhaganlal G Kaji
Price: $29.75 $34.75
Ananya: A Portrait of India
Author: SN Nirmal & K Mattoo Sridhar
Price: $90.00 $59.75
Universality of the Sikh Religion
Author: Dr. Jaspal Singh Mayell
Price: $31.50 $24.75
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South Asia Books is known to be the best collection of books on South Asia available outside of the region itself! Its stock includes thousands of titles available for sale, plus thousands of other used and single title books, including a large selection of art history and language related texts.
South Asia Books adds approximately 1,000 new titles annually, representing most of the major Indian publishers, including Motilal, DK, Manohar, Abhinav, Vikas, Eastern Book Linkers, Rawat, and Satguru. Orders can be done from throughout the World.