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Love in the Reality..is Not Always that Easy
ISBN#: 9788183520850
Gendered Realities, Human Spaces
ISBN#: 8170337984
Bird in a Banyan Tree: My Story
ISBN#: 9788129129123
PLSI Volume One: The Being of Bhasha: A General Introduction
ISBN#: 9788125054887
Buddhist Thought in India: Three Phases of Buddhist Philosophy
ISBN#: 9788121507226
Archaeology of Fatehpur Sikri: New Discoveries
ISBN#: 9788173053221
Idea of Gujarat: History, Ethnography and Text
ISBN#: 9788125041139
Colour Therapy
ISBN#: 9788120726338
The Karmapa Prophecies
ISBN#: 9788120834804
Prophet of Love
ISBN#: 9789350296677
Aspects Of Indian Society and Economy in the Nineteenth Century
ISBN#: 9788120800571
Christian Missions in Bihar and Jharkhand till 1947: A Study by P. C. Horo
ISBN#: 9789351480389
Performers and their Arts.
ISBN#: 9780415401135
History in the Making: The Visual Archives of Kulwant Roy
ISBN#: 9788172238681
Building in the Garden
ISBN#: 9780195646368
Drama for Development: Cultural Translation and Social Change
ISBN#: 9788132105916
Rooted Landscapes: The Art of Rini Dhumal
ISBN#: 9788189995454
Aesthetics: Kala aur Saundaryaka Darshanik Vivecana
ISBN#: 9788124604694
Spread And Influence Of Hinduism And Buddhism In Asia
ISBN#: 9788184540987
Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan (Vol. 8): Warblers to Redstarts
ISBN#: 0195636570
Indian Minature Painting
ISBN#: 8174363443
AB, The Legend: A Photographer's Tribute to Amitabh Bachchan
ISBN#: 9788129108814
Krishnabhinandana: Archaeological, Historical and Cultural Studies
ISBN#: 9788189131159
The Treasury of Good Sayings: The Tibetan History of Bon
ISBN#: 9788120829435
A Comparative Study of Jainism and Buddhism
ISBN#: 9788170300823
V S Naipaul And Arun Joshi : A Comparative Study
ISBN#: 9789381030035
Feminist Futures: Re-imagining Women, Culture and Development
ISBN#: 9788189013615
Women, Democracy and the Media: Cultural and Political Representations in the Indian Press.
ISBN#: 8170367484
Sufi Message Vol.iii: Art of Personality (Paperback)
ISBN#: 8120805941
Manual of Indian Buddhism
ISBN#: 9788120804579
Aesthetics: Approaches, Concepts and Problems
ISBN#: 9788124605554
Parivaar: The Art of Living Life
ISBN#: 9788124605769
Urban Jungle
ISBN#: 9780143415794
The Making of a Guru: Kelucharan Mohapatra: His Life & Times
ISBN#: 9788173043697
50 Beautiful Houses In India, Vol. 1
ISBN#: 9788190878913
Buddhism, Art And Values: A Collection Of Research Papers And Keynote Addresses On The Evolution Of Buddhist Art And Thought Across The Lands Of Asia
ISBN#: 9788177420715
Sophie Says : Memoirs of a Breakup Coach
ISBN#: 9789382618843
Kundalini Tantra
ISBN#: 9788185787152
Love ... Not for Sale!
ISBN#: 9788184006728
Yoga Nidra
ISBN#: 9788185787121
How to Read a Horoscope: A Scientific Model of Prediction Based on Benefic & Malefic Analysis of Planets & Bhavas as Per Hindu Astrology
ISBN#: 9788120814585
They May Catch You!: All About Income Tax Investigations, Searches and Surveys
ISBN#: 9788170948698
Making a Will Made Easy
ISBN#: 9789350591024
Anna Hazare: Reformer Socialist and Anti-Corruption Leader
ISBN#: 9788174791214
Maritime India: Trade, Religion and Polity in the Indian Ocean
ISBN#: 9789380607832
Secularism, Communalism And the Intellectuals
ISBN#: 9788188789283
Just Tarot
ISBN#: 9788131906477
Sri Shiva Lila: The Play of the Divine in the Form of Lord Shiva
ISBN#: 9788173052217
Historicity of the Mahabharata: Evidence of Literature, Art and Archaeology
ISBN#: 9788173054587
Vinisamhara of Bhatta Narayana
ISBN#: 9788120805873
Social Dimensions Of Modern Tamil
ISBN#: 9788185602660
Change Your Words, Change Your World
ISBN#: 9789381431849
Overcoming Stress
ISBN#: 9788122202571
Bahadur Shah and the Festival of Flower-sellers
ISBN#: 9788125046189
Vedic Nadi Astrology And Career
ISBN#: 9788120720923
Vastu Astrology And Architecture: Astrology and Architecture (Hardbound)
ISBN#: 8120816056
Narada Purana Aitm Vol. 17 Pt 3
ISBN#: 8120803493
Sufi Doctrine of Rumi
ISBN#: 9780941532884
Mandukya Upanishad With Gaudapada's Karika and Shankara's Commentary
ISBN#: 9788175050228
The Concept of Hindu Nation
ISBN#: 9788185990330
KEYS: The HLP Way to a Regret-Free Life
ISBN#: 9789351265313
Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit: Nourishing the Soul When Life's Just Too Much
ISBN#: 9781401939939
IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed
ISBN#: 9781401939885
Diversities in the Indian Diaspora: Nature, Implications, Responses
ISBN#: 9780198090359
Resistance and Indian Indenture Experience: Comparative Perspectives
ISBN#: 9789350980491
Stay Confident
ISBN#: 9788175544581
Beyond Tranquebar: Grappling Across Cultural Borders in South India
ISBN#: 9788125054375
For God's Sake: An Adman On the Business of Religion
ISBN#: 9780143424871
Guidance and Councelling: Career & Planning
ISBN#: 9788181522962
Laws Of Manu.
ISBN#: 8120801261
ISBN#: 9788131908198
The Srimad Bhagavatam of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa (2 Volume Set)
ISBN#: 9788121501071
Chasing Maya
ISBN#: 9789380707365
Memory: Awakening the Potential
ISBN#: 9789380154633
Siva Purana, Pt. 4: Ancient Indian Tradition And Mythology (Vol. 4)
ISBN#: 9788120803398
An Insight into Hindu Philosophy: Life and Beyond
ISBN#: 9788189973780
Democracy, Human Rights and Biodiversity in Indian Literature
ISBN#: 9789381031124
Predictive Astrology: An Insight (Paperback)
ISBN#: 9788120816275
Indigenous Roots of Feminism: Culture, Subjectivity and Agency
ISBN#: 9788132104391
Current Studies on the Indus Civilization: Vol. 5
ISBN#: 9788173049118
Ancient Indian Heritage: Varahamihira's India (2 Vol)
ISBN#: 9788173050831
Status of Adviasis Indigenous Peoples Land Series 3: Maharashtra
ISBN#: 9789350021309
Enter the Quiet Heart
ISBN#: 9788189535278
Buddhism And Hinduism
ISBN#: 9789380852102
Practical Horary Astrology
ISBN#: 9788174763488
Ashatakavarga System of Prediction
ISBN#: 9788185674254
Sub-Total: $2,580.70

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Guide to Indian Markets (Thoroughly Revised & Updated - Second Edition)
Author: MRUC & Hansa Research
Price: $449.75 $359.75
History of Indian Nation (set of 4 volumes)
Author: Muzzaffar H. Syed, Anil Kumar & B.D. Usmani
Price: $339.75 $271.75
Rabindra Chitravali: Paintings of Rabindranath Tagore (4 volume box set)
Author: Rabindra Chitravali
Price: $649.75 $519.75
Christian Themes in Indian Art from Mughal Times to the Present
Author: A. Amaldass and G. Lowner
Price: $139.75 $105.00
Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology (72 vols)
Author: G.P. Bhatt & J.L. Shastri
Price: $1,799.00 $1,439.00
Sacred Books of the East (50 Volumes)
Author: F. Max-Muller
Price: $899.00 $719.00
Gandhi and Ambedkar: Saviours of Untouchables of
Author: Sheshrao Chavan
Price: $28.00 $22.00
Most Dangerous Place: Pakistan's Lawless Frontier
Author: Imtiaz Gul
Price: $26.95 $14.75
Handcrafted Indian Textiles: Tradition And Beyond
Author: Martand Singh, Rta Kapur Chishti and Rahul Jain
Price: $89.75 $80.00
City of Joy
Author: Dominique Lapierre
Price: $15.00 $10.00
Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita: An Exposition 2 Vols
Author: Chhaganlal G Kaji
Price: $29.75 $34.75
Ananya: A Portrait of India
Author: SN Nirmal & K Mattoo Sridhar
Price: $90.00 $59.75
Universality of the Sikh Religion
Author: Dr. Jaspal Singh Mayell
Price: $31.50 $24.75
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